29º 41º Mediterranean Street Food of Rochester Hills hosting fundraiser

29º 41º Mediterranean Street Food of Rochester Hills is hosting a grand opening, 4-9 p.m. Jan. 13, donating 29.41 percent of the evening’s proceeds to the United Way for Southeastern Michigan. The restaurant’s name is derived from the longitude and latitude for the Mediterranean and Mideast, 29 degrees North and 41 degrees East.

Chef finds new direction with 2941

Jacques Van Staden’s friends in Pretoria, South Africa, thought he was crazy when he sold his car to buy a ticket to the United States. The young man was undeterred. His ambition was to become a chef, and he believed that America was a place where those who follow that vocation are considerably more valued […]

Two ambitious owners, 2941 is prime number for restaurant growth

Less than a year after opening its flagship restaurant in Rochester Hills, 29º 41º Mediterranean Street Food is preparing to open four other metro Detroit locations. And that’s just the start. The restaurants, set to open between the end of September and February, are part of the chain’s larger plan to open 25 Michigan locations over […]