Bring the 29/41 culinary experience to your event whether it’s a birthday party, a business event or a social occasion.


Each tray serves 10-15 people


  • Tandoori Grilled Chicken
  • Za'taar Paprika Steak
  • Grilled Leg of Lamb
  • Aleppo Pepper Pork
  • Israeli Spiced Salmon
  • Chicken Vegetable Kabob
  • Beef Vegetable Kabob
  • Tunisian Cornish Hen

Grains & Veggies

  • Grilled Mixed Vegetables
  • Roasted Spiced Cauliflower
  • Yellow Basmati Rice
  • Toasted Organic Wheat
  • Curried Spiced Hominey
  • Garlic-Tomato Chickpeas

Entrees Include:

  • 2ea Sauces
  • 2ea Torshi
  • Fresh Samoon


  • Tandoori
  • Amba Aioli
  • Garlic Sauce
  • Lemon Basil
  • Cardamom BBQ
  • Sweet Harissa
  • Chili Tahini
  • Pepper Chutney

Salad Bowls

Sm - Serves 6-8 people / Lg - Serves 10-15 people. Add Grilled Chicken or Steak $2 per person.


Organic kale, parsley, fresh mint, plum tomato, milled wheat, red onions, scallions, roasted sunflower seeds, exvoo & lemon juice


Chickpeas, plum tomatoes, carrots, celery, radish, Persian cucumbers, red peppers, red onion, feta cheese, smoked paprika emulsion

Modern Peasant

Organic kale, persian cucumber, plum tomato, red radish, fresh mint, celery, parsley, red cabbage, sumac - lemon emulsion


Persian cucumber, plum tomato, fresh mint, red onions, scallions, jalapeños, cilantro, lemon juice, exvoo, Kalamata olives, & Greek feta

Moorish Slaw

Organic kale, persian cucumber, plum tomato, radish, red onions, fresh mint, celery, parsley, red cabbage, pita chips & sumac-za’taar - lemon emulsion

Mediterranean Chickpea

Chickpeas, Kalamata olives, plum tomato, scallions, red peppers, lemon basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil, red onion

Samoon Sandwiches

Minimum of 5 people / Individual packaged meals with your choice of half sandwich, salad, street snack, dessert and beverage.

Za'taar-Paprika Steak Samoon

Grilled black angus steak / garlic sauce / amba aioli / pickled peppers / Moorish coleslaw / stuffed in our fresh baked samoon bread

Tandoori Chicken Samoon

All natural chicken grilled / garlic sauce / tandoori sauce / pickled turnips / signature hummus / Nomad salad / lemon emulsion / samoon bread

Aleppo Pepper Pork Samoon

Marinated grilled pork / sweet & spicy harissa / green tomato / blaze sauce / moorish coleslaw / fresh baked samoon bread

Five Grain Falafel Samoon

Signature falafel fried golden brown / red pepper chutney / hummus / pickled turnips / modern peasant salad / fresh baked samoon

Grilled Leg of Lamb

Shaved lamb marinated in Ras-el-hanout spices & grilled / pickled veg / lemon-basil yogurt sauce / kaleboulleh salad / fresh baked samoon

Vegetable Arook

Chickpea Vegetable Fritter / yellow basmati rice / amba aioli / pepper chutney / pickled veggies / modern peasant salad / fresh baked samoon bread

The Sandwich Chow

1/2 Sandwich / Samoon Chips / Salad / Hummus / Grape Leaf / Torshi / Dessert & Beverage

The Salad Chow

Salad / Samoon Chips / Hummus/ Grape Leaf / Torshi / Falafel / Dessert & Beverage

Snack Platters

All cold street snacks are served with samoon chips & Fresh baked Samoon bread

Cold Street

Signature Hummus

Chickpeas / garlic / fresh lemon juice / tahini / spices / virgin olive oil / sea salt

Black Bean Hummus

Black beans / cilantro / chili / olive oil / tahini / cumin / lemon juice

Eggplant Cheese Rolls

Spanish cheese wrapped in fried eggplant / basil pesto / pepper chutney

Veggie Grape Leaves

Roasted vegetables / basmati rice / spices / herbs / extra virgin olive oil

Chunky Tzatziki

Natural strained yogurt / Persian cucumbers / lemon / garlic / mint / sumac

Spiced Baba Ghanouj

Roasted eggplant / tahini / labne / spices / chili pepper / garlic / olive oil

Tomato-Peso "Salsa"

Mixed olives / roma tomato / basil pesto / exvoo / spices / feta

Hot Street

Give Grain Falafel

Our signature falafel / bed of lettuce / pickled turnips / pepper chutney

Chicken Tikkas

Tandoori marinated chicken skewers / tandoori sauce / basmati rice

Vegetable Arook

Chickpea-vegetable fritter / kale / hominy / zucchini & chili tahini sauce

Flatbread Tray

Assorted Roasted Flatbread Tray - Turkish / Tomato Olive / Armenian Beef

Sweet & Spicy Blaze Wings

Golden Crispy Wings tossed in our signature sauces / pickled peppers

Lebanese Nachos

Samoon chips topped with steak / tomatoes / jalapeno / olives / mozzarella

Iraqi Meatballs

Baghdad spiced meatballs / sweet & spicy harissa sauce / kaleboulleh salad

Appetizer Platters

Talk about the perfect platter for any event! Select any 7 items from below. Small Platter serves 6-8 / Large Platter serves 10-15

Signature Hummus
Blackbean Hummus
Blaze Hummus
Spicy Baba Ghanouj
Chunky Tzatziki
Marinated Olives
Kaleboulleh Salad
Nomad Salad
Turkish Salad
Moorish Coleslaw
Labne & Olive Oil
Marinated Feta Cheese
Chickpea-Grains Salad
Veggie Grape Leaves
Spiced Spanish Cheese
Tomato-Olive Pesto Salad
Tandoori Chicken Salad
Eggplant Cheese Rolls

Served with:

Samoon Bread
Samoon Chips
Food Allergies

Many of our products may contain or come in contact with common allergens, including tree nuts, wheat, soy and dairy products. Before placing your order, please inform one of our associates if a person in your party has a food allergy in order for our manager to provide you with additional information. Thank you.


Standard delivery fee of $25, additional long-distance fees may apply.

Order Inclusions

Your order comes complete with plates, napkins and utensils. All packaged and presented in convenient ready to serve from the packaging. Hot “build-your-own “ meals chafing equipment are not included and will be at additional charge.


We appreciate if you could provide us with some advance notice, since all our dishes are prepared daily from scratch and Samoon bread baked throughout the day and our goal is to accommodate our valuable foodies as much as we can, but equally important is to provide you with a quality product neatly packaged. Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to the pick-up or delivery time and

Pricing & Taxes

Prices are subject to change and taxes are not included in our pricing

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